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Recruitee Integration
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How to Integrate Testlify with Recruitee

This help article guides you through the process of integrating Testlify with Recruitee. By following these steps, you can set up an automated system for inviting candidates to assessments directly through Recruitee.

1. Log in to the Recruitee Platform

a. Navigate to the job module.

b. Click on 'New Job' and fill in the job details such as title, description, and requirements.

c. Enter the assessment ID in the tag, using the format 'TF:[Assessment ID]'. (Note: This step is crucial as it ensures that the invite sent to the candidate corresponds to the specific assessment)

d. To obtain this ID, users should navigate to their Testlify workspace, select the relevant assessment, click on 'Copy Assessment ID', and then paste this ID into the tag

e. Click on “Publish or Save” to create the job.

(Note: If you've already created the job, just click 'Edit' and add the “Tag”. You can skip the first two steps, which are 'a' and 'b'.)

2. Set Up the Webhook (Below mentioned steps are one-time)

a. Go to 'Settings' and select the 'Webhook' tab.

b. Click on 'New Webhook'.

c. Enter a name (e.g., 'Demo' or 'Test') and the Post URL provided by us. In order to get the Recruitee Webhook URL for your account kindly get in touch with our support team at [email protected]

d. Check the 'Move on pipeline’ box.

e. Click on 'Verify and Create'. Once verified, the webhook is successfully added.

f. Share the secret key with our tech team for database setup.

3. Integrate with Testlify

a. Click on 'Marketplace' and search for 'Testlify'.

b. Select 'Integrate Now' on the Testlify app.

c. Go to the Testlify settings in your workspace and generate an API key.

d. Copy this API key and paste it into the API token field in Recruitee.

e. Once integrated, the status will show as 'Activated'.

4. Create a Stage and Add Candidates

a. Go to 'Settings' > 'Templates' > 'Pipeline' > 'Active Process' and click on 'Add New'.

b. Enter a stage name (e.g., 'Assessment' or 'Test') and save.

c. Drag and drop candidates from the applied section to the new stage.

d. Candidates will automatically receive an assessment invite via email.

By following these steps, you can seamlessly integrate Testlify with Recruitee, enabling automated assessment invites and efficient candidate management.

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