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In this help article you will understand how to use the Embed URL option when creating a custom question. This feature provides the test administrator the ability to embed Google Documents, Spreadsheets, Slides, and Video URLs in the question text editor.

  • This is a useful feature as helps to create questions that are interactive and engaging contributing to a great candidate experience.

  • This feature is available for custom questions type such as: Single select, Multiple select, Yes/No, Ranking, Dropdown, Rating, Open ended, Short answer, Number, Fill in the blank, Date, Coding, Spreadsheet, Document, Slides, Chat Simulation, File upload, Video, and Audio.

Steps to use 'Embed' feature

  • Create a new assessment. Under the 'Questions' tab click on 'Custom' and select the custom question of your choice.

  • In the text editor navigate to Media and select 'Embed'. Past the embed code in the given URL text box and click 'Add'.

Here's the process to be followed to get the iframe code

Embed Document, Google Slides & Sheets

File > Share > Publish to web > Embed > copy embed code (iframe code)

Embed Youtube video

Select share option > click on embed > copy embed code (iframe code)

Embed video from Vimeo

Click on Share > go to embed section > copy embed code (iframe code)

Embed Vidyard video

Select embed > toggle on > click button - “copy code”

Embed Loom video

Click on share button > Select embed tab >click on “copy embed code” button

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