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How to Pause Your Subscription on Testlify
How to Pause Your Subscription on Testlify
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At Testlify, we understand that your hiring needs may fluctuate. To accommodate these changes, we've introduced a feature that allows you to pause your subscription. This guide will walk you through the steps to manage your subscription cycle effectively.

Steps to Pause Your Subscription:

  • Access Profile Settings:

    • Navigate to the top right corner of the Testlify platform.

    • Click on the 'Profile' option.

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  • Manage Subscription:

    • In the profile menu, select 'Manage Subscription'.

    • Click on the your plan as shown

  • Select Pause Option:

    • Click on 'Pause Subscription'.

    • Choose the duration for which you want to pause your subscription (up to 90 days)

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  • Confirm Pause:

    • After selecting the number of days, click on 'Pause Subscription' to confirm.

Benefits of Pausing Subscription:

  • Cost Efficiency: Pausing your subscription helps save costs during periods of reduced hiring.

  • Flexibility: Adjust your subscription according to your hiring needs without any extra charges.

  • Utilize Credits: Make the most of your credits by aligning the subscription with your hiring cycle.


Testlify's subscription pause feature is designed to provide flexibility and cost-effectiveness in your hiring process. By following these simple steps, you can tailor your subscription to match your hiring requirements, ensuring you hire the best, every time, anywhere.

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