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Setting Up Your Custom Candidate Domain on Testlify
Setting Up Your Custom Candidate Domain on Testlify
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Customize your assessment experience with Testlify by setting up a custom domain for your candidates. This premium feature lets you maintain brand consistency and professionalism by allowing candidates to take assessments on a URL that reflects your company's domain.


  • A premium Testlify account with white-label workspace activated.

  • Access to your domain's DNS settings, in this guide, we'll use Cloudflare.

Custom Domain Setup Instructions

Step 1: Access Domain Settings in Testlify

  1. Sign in to your Testlify account.

  2. Navigate to 'Settings' on your dashboard.

  3. Click on the 'Domain' tab.

  4. Enter the domain name you wish to use for your candidates (example:

  5. Select 'Add'. You'll then see a message: "Domain is verified but needs to be configured.

Step 2: Configure Your Domain in Cloudflare

  1. Log in to your Cloudflare account.

  2. Go to the dashboard at

  3. Select your account and click on the 'HNRTECH' account.

  4. Choose the relevant domain, in this case, hnrretail.

  5. Navigate to the 'DNS' section.

  6. Click on 'Add record'.

Step 3: Add DNS Record

  1. Select the type of DNS record you wish to add. You can choose between:

    1. A Record - Directs your domain to a specific IP address provided by Testlify.

    2. CNAME Record - Points your domain to a target domain, also provided by Testlify.

  2. Fill in the 'Name' with the subdomain you're using (example: test).

  3. Enter the 'IPv4 address' if you're using an A Record or the target domain for a CNAME.

  4. Leave the TTL (Time to Live) as 'Auto'.

  5. Turn the Proxy status to 'Off'.

  6. Click on 'Save' to add the record.

Step 4: Verify Domain Configuration in Testlify

  1. Return to your Testlify 'Settings' > 'Domain'.

  2. If necessary, refresh the page to update the domain status.

  3. Once verified, it should display "Domain is verified".

Sending Invitations to Candidates

Now that your domain is set up and verified, you can send invitations to candidates. They will see the custom domain (e.g., in their assessment URL, enhancing their experience and your brand's presence.

Additional Tips

  • DNS changes can take up to 48 hours to propagate. If the domain isn't verified immediately, please wait and try again.

  • Ensure the Proxy status is set to 'Off' to avoid any conflicts with Testlify's domain verification process.

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