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Breezy Integration

Integrate Testlify with Breezy for streamlined hiring. Connect assessments to job roles and automate candidate invitations and score updates

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This guide will walk you through connecting the two platforms, enabling you to add Testlify assessments to job roles and automate candidate invitations and status updates. Follow the steps to streamline your hiring process and easily track candidate scores and performance across both platforms.

  1. Log into Testlify.

  2. After redirection to the main page, click on the settings icon.

  3. Navigate to the displayed page and choose the Integration module.

  4. After accessing the Integration module, locate and click on Breezy from the list of supported integrations.

  5. On the resulting page, you are required to input your Breezy account Email, Password, and Sub Domain and click on “Save.” The subdomain refers to the company name that is included in the URL slug upon setting up your Breezy account.

  6. After being redirected to a new page, you should copy the provided webhook URL. Then, forward this URL to Breezy support and click "Continue." Once Breezy support has added the URL, you will gain complete access to the integration, enabling seamless connectivity between the platforms.

  7. You will be directed to this page, where you can now observe that the workspace-level integration with your Breezy account has been successfully established.

  8. To finalize the integration at the assessment level, navigate to "Assessments" and, when creating assessments, proceed to the assessment settings and select the "Integration" tab.

    Since you've successfully completed the integration at the workspace level, Breezy will now appear in the dropdown menu within ATS. Within the "Job Profile" section, all job roles you've established on the Breezy platform will be visible for selection.

    For the "Invitation stage," the stages listed are those imported by default from Breezy. If you choose the interviewing stage, candidates moved to this stage will automatically receive an invitation in their email.

  9. The integration at the assessment level with Breezy, specifically for the Product Manager job role, will be confirmed as successfully completed, at which point you should click "Save."

  10. Next, navigate to the Breezy platform and click on "Add Candidates."

Enter the candidate's Full Name and Email Address, then click "Continue."

Upon reaching this page, proceed by selecting "Add Candidate."

As soon as a candidate progresses from the "Applied" stage to the "Interviewing" stage, they will be sent an invitation via email, and their status update will also be reflected on the Testlify platform.

11. After receiving the assessment invitation through email or via the Testlify platform, once you've successfully completed the assessment, your score will appear on Testlify.

The score will be visible on the Breezy platform as well; for example, if a candidate scores 100% it will be counted as 10, which indicates a full score based on a 0 to 10 scale. Similarly, a score of 50% translates to a 5.

Clicking on the test will navigate you to a page where you can select "Scorecard" to view the detailed scorecard.

Here, you'll find the Total Score, Score Achieved, and Average Percentage all clearly displayed. Additionally, a PDF URL for the scorecard and the overall rating are provided.

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