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Here's an illustrative candidate data source for a specific assessment screening. You have the flexibility to select your preferred candidate data source for the screening process.

  • Click on “Create a new scenario” for sending assessments whenever a new candidate row is added to your Google Sheet.

  • Select “Google Sheets” as your source of candidates now.

  • Choose the "Watch New Rows" trigger to activate the process when a new row is appended.

  • Adjust the necessary settings of your Google Sheet to properly configure the setup.

  • Add the Testlify app as your next step in the scenario.

  • Now choose the action “Send an Assessment”.

  • You will now be directed to this page.

Generating an API Key:

  • Login into your Testlify account.

  • Click on “Settings

  • Select "API Key" and then proceed to click on "Generate Key."

  • Next, click on "Copy API Key."

  • You are required to paste the Testlify API Key that has been generated for authorization.

  • Map the details to be sent for invitation.

  • Adjust the run frequency based on your traffic volume.

  • Now create a new scenario for receiving candidate assessment results from Testlify.

  • Proceed to configure the webhook settings now.

  • Next, add Google Sheets as the following step, choosing the action "Add a Row."

  • Provide the needed setup and connect the result fields to your columns.

  • Configure it to run instantly upon data arrival.

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