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This article provides a detailed guide on how to add and utilize the Google Slides question (test) in assessments within Testlify. Google Slides offers a dynamic way to evaluate candidates' skills and proficiency in various aspects, enhancing the assessment experience.

  1. Adding Google Slides Question:

To begin, create a new assessment by clicking on the Create Assessment button and providing a name for your assessment. Navigate to the 'Tests' tab and add relevant tests to your assessment using the available filters.

  1. Creating the Google Slides Question:

Proceed to the 'Questions' tab and select 'Custom'. Choose 'Google Slides' as the question type. Add all necessary details to customize the Google Slides question and click 'Add' to save your changes.

Note: Upon adding the Google Slides link, Testlify automatically creates a clone for each candidate attempting the question. This ensures that each candidate works on a personalized copy of the original Google Slides link, preserving the integrity of the assessment.

  1. Scoring and Flexibility:

The Google Slides question is initially assigned a default score of 5, which can be adjusted based on your assessment criteria and requirements. This flexibility allows you to tailor scoring to suit your evaluation standards.

  1. Previewing the Google Slides Question:

Utilize the 'Preview' option to see how the Google Slides question appears from the candidate's perspective. This preview feature helps ensure that the question is presented accurately and effectively.

  1. Configuring Assessment Settings:

Select relevant settings for your assessment to ensure it aligns with your evaluation goals. Click on 'Next' and 'Save' to finalize and save all changes made to your assessment.

  1. Inviting Candidates:

Once your assessment is set up, proceed to invite candidates to take the assessment. The cloned Google Slides link will be displayed uniquely for each candidate, maintaining individualized assessment experiences.

  1. Candidate Response and Evaluation:

a) Candidates will input their responses directly into the Google Slides document.

b) After completion, access candidate responses through the workspace dashboard by clicking on 'View Slides'.

c) Downloadable PDF reports include hyperlinks to view candidate responses for comprehensive evaluation and analysis.


This guide has covered the process of adding and utilizing the Google Slides question in Testlify assessments, offering insights into candidate interactions and assessment management within the platform. Embrace the versatility of Google Slides to create engaging and impactful assessments for your evaluation needs.

If you have any further questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to our support team at [email protected].

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