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How To Download Invoices
How To Download Invoices
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  • How to Access and Download Monthly Invoices on Testlify

    You can easily view and download your invoices on Testlify. Follow these steps to access and download your invoices:


    1. Log into Your Testlify Account:

    Start by logging into your Testlify account using your credentials.


    2. Navigate to the 'Manage Subscription' Section:

    Once logged in, navigate to the "Manage Subscription" section. You can usually find this in the Settings or Account Management area.

    3. Access Your Billing History:

    In the "Manage Subscription" section, locate and click on 'Billing History'. This will display a list of your past invoices.

    4. Select the Invoice You Want to Download:

    From the list of invoices, select the one you wish to download. You can view details such as invoice date, amount, and billing period here.

    5. Download Your Invoice:

    After selecting the desired invoice, click on the 'Download' button. This will save the invoice as a PDF file on your device.


That's it! You've successfully accessed and downloaded your invoices on Testlify. If you have any further questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to our support team at [email protected]

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