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A Comprehensive Candidate Guide
A Comprehensive Candidate Guide
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Welcome to Testlify. This guide outlines key equipment and permissions for a smooth assessment process, covers the entire assessment procedure, and provides solutions to common questions, ensuring a confident and efficient candidate experience.

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Testlify: Tools for Taking an Assessment

This guide outlines the necessary equipment and permissions you need to provide, ensuring a seamless experience during your Testlify assessment. This information is relevant for candidates who are set to undertake an assessment with Testlify.

Equipment Requirements

  • Desktop Use Recommended: For the best experience, we recommend using a desktop or laptop computer.

  • Mobile Device: While assessments can be taken on mobile devices, we advise against it due to potential difficulties with screen size and functionality, especially for complex tasks.

Important Note: To ensure optimal performance in coding assessments, we recommend avoiding the use of mobile devices due to the challenges they present with coding simulations.

Camera and Microphone

A camera and microphone are essential for a Testlify assessment. Make sure both are connected and working before starting.

If you don't have a camera or microphone, you may face two main issues:

  • Video Responses: If the hiring company requires video responses, not having a camera or microphone will prevent you from recording them, which might affect the completeness of your assessment.

  • Proctoring Process: Testlify takes periodic snapshots during assessments for proctoring purposes. These snapshots are GDPR-compliant and only accessible to the hiring company. Without a camera, this proctoring method cannot be used, potentially affecting your application.

Browser Compatibility

  • Recommended Browsers: Google Chrome

  • Browser Versions: Ensure your browser is updated to the latest version for compatibility and security.


  • Camera and Microphone Access: Camera and microphone are crucial for Testlify assessments, used for video questions and proctoring. Testlify checks their functionality before starting an assessment.

  • Update Drivers: Keep your camera and microphone drivers current.

  • Select the Right Device: If you have multiple devices, configure your browser and Testlify's website to use the appropriate camera and microphone.

Browser Settings for Camera Access

  • Google Chrome:

    • Open Chrome.

    • Click the three dots icon (More) in the top right.

    • Go to Settings > Privacy and security > Site settings.

    • Under Permissions, select Camera.

    • Use the drop-down menu to choose your preferred camera.


  • Automatic Prompts: If there are issues, a pop-up will prompt you to allow access in your browser.

  • Manual Access in Operating Systems:

    • Windows 10: Start > Settings > Privacy > Camera/Microphone. Allow browser access.

    • macOS: Apple menu > System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy. Check the box next to your browser.

    • Android: Open Chrome app > More > Settings > Site Settings > Microphone/Camera. Toggle access on or off.

    • iOS: Open Safari > tap to the right of the address bar > Website Settings > Microphone/Camera. Choose Ask, Deny, or Allow.

Privacy Policy

Your data remains confidential and secure with Testlify, adhering strictly to GDPR compliance. Rest assured, only the company to which you have applied will have access to any snapshots and videos uploaded during your assessment.

Common Questions

  • Camera Access Issues: If you encounter issues with camera access, check your browser and operating system settings to allow access.

  • Assessment without Camera/Microphone: It's possible to take the assessment without these, but some sections may not be accessible, and it could impact the completeness of your assessment.

  • Changing Default Camera/Microphone: You can change the default camera or microphone in your browser's privacy and security settings.

Tips for a Smooth Assessment

  • Check Your Equipment: Test your camera, microphone, and internet connection before starting.

  • Find a Quiet Space: Choose a quiet and comfortable environment for taking the assessment.

  • Manage Time Effectively: Be aware of the time allocated for each section of the assessment.

Testlify: Step-by-Step Candidate Guide to Taking Your Assessment

This guide will walk you through the process of taking an assessment with Testlify, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience.

Getting Started

  • No Account Needed: There's no need to create an account. Simply use the link provided in the invitation email to access your assessment.

  • Invitation: Your Testlify assessment invitation will arrive via email, with the subject 'You've been invited to an assessment.' The email will include:

  1. Details from the company requesting you take the assessment.

  2. A button directly linking to your assessment.

  3. A complete URL for manual entry into your browser, should the direct link be unresponsive.

Enrolling for the Assessment

  • Personal Information: Fill in your name and other details required by the Employer. This step is mandatory to proceed with the assessment.

  • Once you submit your details, a verification code will be sent to your provided email. Please copy and paste this code into the verification box

Technical Setup

  • Equipment Check: Ensure your computer, camera, and microphone are working properly for sections that might require them.

  • Browser Compatibility: Testlify works best on updated web browsers. Ensure your browser is up-to-date for an optimal experience.

Assessment Structure

  • Qualifying Questions: Some assessments may start with qualifying questions to gather more information about your background and suitability.

After you qualify the criteria set by the employer, the assessment will start.

  • Before the assessment: Before moving forward with the assessment, a set of reminders are shown on the screen to ensure everything is working. Proceed to take the assessment once everything is set.

  • Welcome Screen: Each assessment begins with a welcome screen, providing details about the number of tests, question types, and estimated completion time.

  • Taking the assessment: Your assessment begins with the first test. The name of the test will appear, with details regarding the test type, duration to complete the test, number of question in the test and the instructions.

  • Custom Questions: Testlify assessments may include custom questions tailored by the employer, ranging from multiple-choice to essay and file uploads.

Taking the Assessment

  • Answering Questions: Select your answers carefully. Once you proceed to the next question, you cannot return to previous ones.

  • Skipping Questions: You can skip questions, but be aware that skipped questions are counted as incorrect.

During the Assessment

  • Test Types: Our assessments include various types of questions such as multiple-choice, single select, essay, coding, typing, video, audio and file upload.

  • Time Management: Each section of the assessment has a specified time limit. It's important to manage your time effectively.

  • Breaks: You can take breaks between different sections of the assessment. However, once a section starts, it must be completed in one go.

After the Assessment

  • Feedback: Upon completion, you may be asked to provide feedback about your experience. This helps us improve our services.

  • Completion Confirmation: You'll receive a confirmation message once the assessment is complete.

  • Results: Your results are sent directly to the employer.

Support and Troubleshooting

  • Technical Issues: For any technical difficulties, refer to our FAQ or contact our support team at [email protected]

  • Further Inquiries: For questions about the assessment or results, please reach out to the employer directly.

Tips for Success

  • Prepare Your Environment: Choose a quiet, comfortable space for taking the assessment.

  • Plan Ahead: Allocate sufficient time to complete the assessment without interruptions.

  • Stay Calm and Focused: Read each question carefully and answer to the best of your ability.

Testlify: FAQ and Troubleshooting for Candidates

This guide offers solutions to frequently asked questions and provides troubleshooting tips for candidates who are taking assessments using Testlify.

Assessment & Test Questions

  • Language Availability: Assessments are available in multiple languages, but you must take the assessment in the language chosen by your prospective employer. Contact the employer for language accommodations.

  • Question Navigation: Once you proceed to the next question, you cannot return to previous ones. Guessing is better than skipping, as there are no penalties for wrong answers.

  • Retaking Assessments: Each invitation link is for a single use. Contact the employer if you wish to retake the assessment.

Equipment & Connectivity Questions

  • Webcam Unavailability: If your assessment includes video questions and you lack a webcam, contact the employer for alternative arrangements.

  • Internet Disconnection: The assessment timer continues during disconnections. Contact the employer in case of significant technical issues.

Invitation & Communication Questions

  • Feedback and Results: Testlify is a tool used by companies for hiring. For application feedback or results, contact the employer directly.

  • Contacting the Employer: Reach out to the employer through their provided contact details for any inquiries related to your application or assessment.

Other Questions

  • Job Assistance: Testlify is not a job placement service. We recommend using job search platforms like LinkedIn for job hunting.

  • Personal Tests: Testlify does not offer tests for personal use or for study/practice purposes.

Testlify is dedicated to providing a candidate-friendly assessment experience. For any technical issues or specific questions about the assessment content, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

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