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Testlify: FAQ and Troubleshooting for Candidates
Testlify: FAQ and Troubleshooting for Candidates
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This guide offers solutions to frequently asked questions and provides troubleshooting tips for candidates who are taking assessments using Testlify.

Assessment & Test Questions

  • Language Availability: Assessments are available in multiple languages, but you must take the assessment in the language chosen by your prospective employer. Contact the employer for language accommodations.

  • Question Navigation: Once you proceed to the next question, you cannot return to previous ones. Guessing is better than skipping, as there are no penalties for wrong answers.

    However if your prospective employer has enabled the feature to return to the previous questions, then you will have the flexibility to navigate between all the assessment questions and accordingly respond to them.

  • Retaking Assessments: By default each invitation link is for a single use. We do provide the ability to retake the assessment, however your prospective employer would decide this and accordingly inform you if required.

Data & Privacy Questions

  • Webcam Access: Necessary for video responses and proctoring. Denying access may affect your application and prevent you from answering video questions.

Equipment & Connectivity Questions

  • Mobile Device Usage: Not recommended due to potential difficulties with audio and video compatibility, and for coding and typing tests.

  • Webcam Unavailability: If your assessment includes video questions and you lack a webcam, contact the employer for alternative arrangements.

  • Internet Disconnection: The assessment timer continues during disconnections. Please reconnect to a stable network as soon as possible and click on the same link to get back to the assessment. Contact the employer in case of significant technical issues.

Invitation & Communication Questions

  • Feedback and Results: Testlify is a tool used by companies for hiring. For application feedback or results, contact the employer directly.

  • Contacting the Employer: Reach out to the employer through their provided contact details for any inquiries related to your application or assessment.

Other Questions

  • Job Assistance: Testlify is not a job placement service. We recommend using job search platforms like LinkedIn for job hunting.

  • Personal Tests and Certifications: Testlify does not offer tests for personal use or issue certificates of completion.

  • Account Creation and Login: No account creation is needed for candidates. Use the link provided in the invitation email to access your assessment.


Testlify is dedicated to providing a candidate-friendly assessment experience. For any technical issues or specific questions about the assessment content, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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