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Essential Assessment Tools Guide for Candidates
Essential Assessment Tools Guide for Candidates
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Welcome to Testlify. This guide offers comprehensive information regarding the necessary equipment and permissions required to guarantee a seamless and efficient assessment experience.

Equipment Requirements

  • Desktop Use Recommended: For the best experience, we recommend using a desktop or laptop computer.

  • Mobile Device: While assessments can be taken on mobile devices, we advise against it due to potential difficulties with screen size and functionality, especially for complex tasks.

Camera and Microphone

  • Essential for Assessments: A functioning camera and microphone are crucial for certain parts of the assessment.

  • Video Responses and Proctoring: These tools are used for video responses and proctoring measures to maintain assessment integrity.

  • Privacy Assurance: Testlify ensures the privacy and security of your data in compliance with GDPR.

Browser Compatibility

  • Recommended Browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge.

  • Browser Versions: Ensure your browser is updated to the latest version for compatibility and security.


  • Camera and Microphone Access: Ensure your browser and operating system settings allow access to your camera and microphone.

  • Privacy Settings: Adjust your device's privacy settings to grant necessary permissions for the assessment.

Privacy Policy

  • Data Protection: Your personal data is secure and handled in compliance with GDPR standards.

Common Questions

  • Camera Access Issues: If you encounter issues with camera access, check your browser and operating system settings to allow access.

  • Assessment without Camera/Microphone: It's possible to take the assessment without these, but some sections may not be accessible, and it could impact the completeness of your assessment.

  • Changing Default Camera/Microphone: You can change the default camera or microphone in your browser's privacy and security settings.

Tips for a Smooth Assessment

  • Check Your Equipment: Test your camera, microphone, and internet connection before starting.

  • Find a Quiet Space: Choose a quiet and comfortable environment for taking the assessment.

  • Manage Time Effectively: Be aware of the time allocated for each section of the assessment..


Testlify assessments are designed to be candidate-friendly, ensuring a fair and comprehensive evaluation of your skills. Good luck, and we look forward to helping you showcase your talents to potential employers.

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