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Customize Testlify Test
Customize Testlify Test
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Testlify allows you to tailor assessments to fit specific job roles and requirements, ensuring a perfect match for your company's unique needs. Experience seamless, efficient, and bias-free hiring with Testlify.


Steps to Customize Your Assessment

  1. Accessing Test Creation:

    • Navigate to the test section.

    • Click on the top right button, "Create Company Test".

  2. Setting Up Your Test:

    • Enter the test name (e.g., "Sales").

    • Select "Role Specific Skill" as the test type.

    • Choose the skills to be assessed (e.g., Communication, Negotiation, Presentation).

  3. Selecting Questions:

    • Click on "Testlify Library".

    • Use the filter to find relevant questions (e.g., type "Sales").

    • Select a pre-made test (e.g., "B2B SaaS Sales").

    • Preview and select desired questions.

  4. Customizing Questions:

    • Add or remove questions as needed.

    • Edit questions by clicking the three dots and selecting "Edit".

    • Adjust the score for each question if necessary.

  5. Finalizing the Test:

    • Set the duration of the test (e.g., reduce from 20 to 10 minutes).

    • Review the total number of questions and total score.

    • Click on "Create" to finalize the test.

  6. Creating a New Assessment:

    • Enter the job role you are hiring for (e.g., "B2B Sales").

    • Select the custom test you created from the list.

    • Adjust settings and duration as needed.

    • Save your new assessment.


Refer to this video:


With Testlify, you can easily create customized assessments that are candidate-friendly and help identify the best talent. Our platform is designed to set you apart in the market, ensuring that you hire the best, every time, anywhere.

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