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Integrating Testlify with JazzHR: A Step-by-Step Guide

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This guide provides detailed instructions for integrating Testlify with JazzHR, enabling streamlined candidate invitations for assessments directly from JazzHR.

Steps for Integration:

Log in to Testlify: Access your Testlify account and navigate to your workspace.

Accessing Integration Settings: In your workspace, click on 'Settings', then find the 'Integration' module.

Selecting JazzHR Integration: Within the Integration module, choose 'JazzHR' from the list of available integrations.

Connecting to JazzHR: Click on JazzHR and a popup will appear. Select 'Continue' to proceed.

Acquiring JazzHR API Key: Log in to your JazzHR account. Navigate to 'Settings' and then to the 'Integration' section. Copy the provided API key.

Entering the API Key in Testlify: Return to Testlify and input the copied JazzHR API key.

Completing Integration: Submit the API key. To confirm successful integration, refresh the Testlify integration dashboard. A confirmation message should appear.

Inviting Candidates through Integrated System:

Creating a Job in JazzHR: In JazzHR, create a new job and fill in the necessary details.

Setting Up an Assessment in Testlify: Create an assessment in Testlify. Add test libraries and custom questions as needed. In the 'Integration' tab, select 'JazzHR', choose the relevant job and stage, and then click 'Save'.

Inviting Candidates: Go back to JazzHR and select the job for which you want to invite candidates. Manually add candidates to this job. Candidates will receive an invitation via email.

This integration allows for a seamless process of candidate assessment and recruitment by linking Testlify’s assessment capabilities with JazzHR’s recruitment platform. Follow these steps to enhance your recruitment workflow.

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