Want To Use A Free Trial?

We have a free trial for new users. And this is a detailed guide on what is included in the trial.

Hey, are you new to Testlify? Welcome to the platform. We are here to make hiring easier and less hectic for you. And let us start this with our free trial. 

A free trial is provided to every user once they create an account with us on the platform. Though it is for a limited time, you get to use all the premium features without any limitations. It all depends upon you if you want to switch to a premium user or not after the end of the free trial. This is going to be a free plan, so you have a limited time to surf through the website and avail all the features. 

We try to add value to your experience while using the free plan so that it is easier for you to decide whether you want to invest in our paid plans. If you are new, this article is for you!

Take a look at everything that is in this article for you - 

  • What is included in the free trial?
    1. Assessments
    2. Candidates
    3. Tests
    4. Integrations
    5. Other Features
  • Limitations
  • Premium Features Trial
  • Commonly Asked Questions

What is included in the free trial?

The Free Trial in Testlify allows you to use all of the premium features available on the platform. There is no cap or limitation on any of the attributes to give the best experience while you decide whether to switch to a Premium User or not. Here is a detailed breakdown of what is currently included in our free trial - 


The free trial allows you to create unlimited assessments anytime you want. You have a limited time of 7days and within that, you can create as many assessments as you like. 


You have full access to all the actions on the Candidates page while you are in the free trial period. There is no restriction on anything compared to a premium user. You can check the complete details of the candidates, the tests they have appeared for, their complete results along with the trust score and analysis, and other details.

You can download the results, reject a candidate, and use all other functionalities. Refer to the guide to Testlify article for a detailed analysis of the Candidates page. 


Is there any limitation on the number of tests that you can include in your assessment? No, there is no cap on that. Testlify currently has over 180+ tests available for you and you can use all of them to create your choice of assessment. There are almost all types of tests with varied difficulties that can help you in evaluating a candidate based on their soft skills, software knowledge, language skills, cognitive ability, situational judgments, and more. 


If you are using any Applicant Tracking Software (ATS), Testlify allows you to link them to your account to make the hiring process even smoother for you. There are several ATS that Testlify can link to, and you can easily do that in your free trial period. 

Other Features

There are several other features that Testlify allows you to use during the free trial period. To get complete details on all these features, you can check the detailed breakdown article. The primary feature that we are talking about is the User Menu. In the free trial period, you can still add ā€œnā€ number of members and create unlimited workplaces. 


So what are the limitations of using a free account? You have access to all of the premium features when you are in the free trial period. 

Premium Features Trial

To try every premium feature of Testlify, all you need to do is to register and create an account. Once you have done that, you will have officially started your free period and can try all the premium features for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can you start using the free trial of Testlify?

To use the premium features of Testlify for free, you just have to sign up on our platform and create an account. Once you have done that, you will have the features available.

2. How can you upgrade to the premium or paid plan?

Upgrading to the paid version of Testlify is reasonably simple - just click on Buy Testlify and Upgrade Today. The button will always be displayed on the top of any page you visit along with a reminder of the number of days that you will have remaining in the free period.

3. When you have everything available in the free trial period, why should you buy the premium plan?

The free trial period lasts for only 7 days. So once it is over, you will not be able to enjoy the premium hiring features again. You have seven long days to try out everything that Testlify has to offer as an assessment tool. And in this period, it should be easy for you to decide whether you want the paid version.

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