Getting Started With Testlify

Here is a detailed guide to help you get started on the best hiring platform, Testlify, within a few minutes!

What is the most common issue while using a new platform or software? It is about having no clarity on where to start. Do not worry. Here is the detailed, step-by-step guide to help you start on Testlify and reach your hiring goal. Just follow the guide to accomplish your tasks. 

Here is what lies next for you - 

  • Setting up your account
  • Creating a test assignment
  • Inviting a candidate for a test
  • Scanning the test results

Setting Up Your Account

Setting up your account on Testlify is not much of a big task once you have signed up on the platform and have created your account. Here is everything you can do to set yourself up for a good time on Testlify. 

Add Your Team Members

A complicated process like hiring can be made easier once you have people to help you. Testlify allows you to add as many members as you like to make your master hiring team! Be it a hiring manager, a recruiter, an admin, or someone else, you can add them to your workspace All you need to do is to tap on Add a Member, assign them a role, and enter their email. We will do the rest.

Customize Your Brand

Your brand is important to you. And we have kept that in mind. Testlify allows you to customize your brand on the platform so that each of your assessments carries the face and feel of your company. You can add a logo, a name, and your company’s website, and generate an API link as well.

Creating A Test Assessment

Creating a test assessment for hiring a candidate is quite a simple task. When you are on the homepage of your account, you will find the Assessment tab on the top right side. Once you click on that tab, it is all a matter of four steps only. Let us say you are hiring a Product Manager for your firm. 

Here is what you need to do to create an assessment - 

Step 1: Name Your Test Assignment

When you click on Create a New Assessment, the first thing that you need to do is to name the assessment and mention the job role. You can name the assessment anything for keeping track. In the job role part, we will enter Product Manager, since that’s what we are hiring for. This will get saved in the assessment window.

The assessment window also shows you the number of candidates that have been invited for the test, how many have attended the test and how many have not, the number of tests pending, and more.

Step 2: Select Tests

To start preparing an assessment, you need to select the tests that you need to include. You can go through the various tests available just by clicking on the Tests tab beside the Assessment tab. Testlify has numerous tests ready to be added to your assessment list so that you can save time. You can test the candidates’ role-specific skills, cognitive ability, language, software skills, and a lot more!

To select the tests, you need to create an assessment in the Assessment tab. Once you have named your test and entered the job role, you will be taken to a window where you can add the tests of your choice. If you have not already checked the tests available, you can do the same there either by going through the list or by searching for it in the search bar. When you have found the test of your choice, simply click on it to add it.

Step 3: Add Your Custom Questions

A lot of hiring managers tend to add custom questions to their assessment sheets to get a better idea about the candidates they would be looking to hire. Testlify, therefore, allows you to create custom questions of your choice and preference so that you can have a real-time check on the candidates applying. Here is what you get -

  • Open Ended - These are the questions that need a written detailed answer, something like work samples.
  • Record Video - This option allows you to ask a candidate for a video presentation, something like a video introduction.
  • Single Select - These are the questions that allow only one option to be selected, for example, the job he is interested in.
  • Multiple Select - These questions allow a candidate to choose more than one option, for example, his area of expertise.

Step 4: Review and Redesign If Needed

So you have now formally prepared the assessment to hire the right candidate. But the final step would be to review everything and redesign if required. There are several advanced options that Testlify offers to make your hiring process and the candidates’ test process seamless. Take a look at them:  

  • Qualifying Questions - These are the questions that a candidate has to appear before the original test and pass to appear for the latter. This screens out most of the undesired candidates.
  • Welcome Video - A Welcome Video is your personal branding and a customized way to keep the candidates interested and motivated.
  • No-Cheating Policy - Testlify ensures that none of the appearing candidates get a chance to use unfair means by constantly monitoring them through audio and video, clicking snapshots of them every 30 seconds!
  • Extra Time - If you want to give some extra time to the candidates appearing for the tests, you can do that with a simple click.

Inviting The Candidates

Here is how you can invite the candidates to appear for your assessment - 

  • Email Invite - You can invite the candidates either one at a time or together through our email invitation feature that allows both.
  • Public Link - The other option available for you is to generate a public link for the test and add it to your job posts through various platforms. 
  • ATS - Testlify allows the integration of numerous Applicant Tracking Systems that you can connect to and make the invitation process even smoother.

Scanning The Results

After the candidates have appeared for the tests, Testlify ranks them in order of their average scores in the Candidate section. Once you click on the arrow on the candidate’s name, you will be able to view his complete result. Testlify allows you to evaluate a candidate based on his subjective score, and trust score (enabled location, numbers of IP addresses used, enabled webcam, change of the place of the mouse pointer, snaps taken, etc.), custom question answers, etc. You will be able to see his average score on the top right side.

Custom Questions and Answers

Testlify allows you to separately check the answers that the candidates provided to your custom question/s. To view the answer of a candidate, just click on the Arrow button, and you will be able to see his answers, video response, and file uploads. On top of that, you can rate each answer and leave your comments.

Hiring Status

Once you have evaluated each candidate and their responses, and have finalized the one you want to hire, you simply need to change the status to Hired. Once you do this, the Testlify team will mail them the results informing them about the same. Similarly, all the other candidates will also receive an email with their results and a message from us via automation so that you do not have to mail each candidate manually.

That Is All For Now

Hey, you have just learned how to use Testlify to hire candidates like a professional! You can check other articles in our Help Section to get a broader perspective on the platform. If there is still any pertaining issue, do not hesitate to contact our Customer Success Team!

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